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USAID PRESTASI Scholarship Program for Indonesian Students

students of indonesia for USAID scholarship
USAID PRESTASI Scholarship Program for Indonesian

USAID has been providing scholarships throughout the world to individuals from various countries. It depends on the type of program you want to benefit that what incentives are given to you. Talking about the current scholarship programs of USAID in Indonesia, they usually cover postgraduate degrees. Apart from that, individuals that want to enroll in short-term technical courses which belong to the careers that include law, economy, and similar other sectors can also acquire a sponsorship. One can have advanced academic degrees in both Indonesia as well as in the US who is granted scholarships.

USAID  Scholarship Program for Indonesian Students 2021 | 2022

  • Deadline: The scholarship program is open. It was extended in 2021 for 5 years.
  • Country: USA
  • Scholarship Amount: Not Defined. $26 million in total for the program.
  • Language Requirements: Must be proficient in English.
  • Number of Awards:
  • Subject: A wide range of fields with most of them belonging to Legal, Political, and Business studies.

Program to Extend Scholarships to Achieve Sustainable Impacts

Program to Extend Scholarships to Achieve Sustainable Impacts, known as the PRESTASI, is launched by USAID for the people of Indonesia. They have given sponsorship to more than 300 individuals through this act. Along with several other initiatives by USAID in Indonesia to provide aid to people who want to study and do not have enough resources, this one also targets individuals, organizations, and institutions.

students of indonesia for USAID scholarship
USAID PRESTASI Scholarship Program for Indonesian

The program was to come to a conclusion in 2017. However, to achieve a higher impact, it was extended in September of 2014. The authorities granted $26 million to keep it running for five more years and are currently functioning. A special exception is given to people who are from government institutions both at the national level as well as at the provincial level. Moreover, if you are a person who comes from an under-developed area or locations in Indonesia that are not given a proper representation, then you will have the edge over other candidates.

How are you selected?

There are a number of procedures that a candidate has to go through before he gets selected. He needs to possess:

  • Excellent leadership skills.
  • Appropriate knowledge in a technical field.
  • Subjects of interest must comply with USAID/Indonesia Government development requirements.
  • Must possess the right qualification to be enrolled in the relevant training course.
  • Co-funding from government institutions is encouraged.

Eligibility Criteria

In order to be eligible, you must satisfy the following requirements.

  • One needs to be a citizen of Indonesia.
  • The applicant should neither be a direct employee of USAID, nor he must hold any kind of job that comes under a USAID contractor.
  • Must have more than 10 years of service left before retirement after completion of course for which he is applying (i.e. if you are enrolling in 2 years course you should have 12 to 13 years of service left because 2 years will be counted in the study and after that, you will only have 10 11 years where 10 years is the minimum requirement).
  • The candidate should be able to prove that he is proficient in English. For that, he either needs a TOEFL with a score of 450 or above or he must pass the IELTS test with equivalent bands to qualify for the scholarship.

So, if you think that you have the potential to be selected and satisfy the eligibility criteria, then you must not waste any time heading over to for further information.

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