Upcoming USA Scholarships in 2021

Upcoming USA Scholarships

If you want to study abroad, especially in the USA, you might seek scholarships. Because it will probably be costly if you pay everything yourself. The good news, there are hundreds of scholarships offered every year in the USA, in different areas of study from arts to medical.

The USA is an established country and every student will surely want to study there. But, this also makes rises the competition. Nonetheless, we have mentioned some of the scholarships that are offered in the USA, just for you.

So, go through the list of scholarships and find what might fit you the best depending on your interest in studies and other factors.

Let’s dig in…..

1. Global Undergraduate Exchange Program

Global UGRAD Exchange Program

This is also known as the Global UGRAD scholarship that has a period of one semester. It invites excellent undergraduate students from all over the world for full-time non-degree study along with cultural diversity, professional development, and community service.

– At a Glance

The applications for the Global UGRAD scholarship open on 4 Jan 2021, and the last date to apply for the scholarship end on March 15, 2021, at 12 midnight Eastern Time. However, the application deadline may vary depending on the program and the region.

Note: The Global UGRAD Program for Pakistan is closed now. For further information, you can reach out to Fulbright Commission in Pakistan at

Length: one-semester program

– Eligibility

The Global UGRAD scholarship is for students who have/are:

  • over 18 years.
  • Enrolled in an accredited university either private or public.
  • Should be a citizen of a UGRAD participating country while currently present there.
  • Also, the applicant must have one semester left after completion of the UGRAD program in his home country.
  • Secondary education must be completed in the home country.
  • The spoken and written English command of the applicant must be good to begin studying. However, the English training can be provided to the finalists if needed.
  • Should be able to join the studies in the US in August 2021 or January 2022.
  • Medically cleared by a physician.
  • Commit to return to their home country after the completion of the program.

You can apply through the U.S. Embassy (Public Affairs Section) or Fulbright Commission in your home country.

Global Undergraduate Exchange Program

2. Global Leaders Fellowship For International Students At George Washington University

This is a program for graduating students of both doctoral and master programs. it offers three fellowships that cover up to 18 credit hours for the award. This is a fellowship program in which the students of GW go back to their home country for the application of skills they learned.

– At a Glance

  • Application deadline: 8th February 2019 12:00 pm (Noon) EST
  • Eligible Countries/Regions: This scholarship is for particular countries and students from Latin America, Cambodia, China, Eastern Europe, Laos, Sub-Saharan Africa, the Caribbean, Mongolia, U.S.S.R. Successor States, and Vietnam can apply for this program.
  • The Scholarship is taken in the USA country.
  • Type: Master’s, Doctoral
  • Number of awards/fellowship: 3
  • Duration: Fellowship is renewed each year for a cumulative maximum of 3 years for Masters and up to 5 years for doctoral. A guarantee must be submitted for renewal. The renewal is granted to the student if his GPA is 3.0 or better.

– Eligibility

  • The permanent residents/citizens of the USA or students who have studied or worked in the USA are not allowed to apply for the fellowship.
  • Students who have not studied anywhere else than their home country can apply.
  • The fellowship is valid for only one degree and applies to the fall and spring semesters.
  • Fellowship is awarded to the only highly qualified students who got admission as full-time graduate degree students in a program on the main Foggy Bottom Campus.
  • Only F-1 visa (J-1 visa) holding students are eligible. The fellowship doesn’t entertain any other type of visa.
  • The test requirement for this scholarship is TOEFL.

Merit scholarship of Ph.D. in Information theory in Wichita State University

This scholarship is provided in the cyber security domain of information theory. This offered for both US and international students from WS University.


The application process of this scholarship takes place through online website. The test necessary to pass is GRE and its result should also be submitted. Both U.S as well as international students is eligible to apply for this program. The transcript and resume of student should be attached to the application.

AAUW Fellowships for Women in USA

This scholarship is offered for research or full time study for the women who are not citizens of US or permanent residents. It is supported in both graduate as well as postgraduate studies.


The requirement of scholarship is that the applicant must be women with the citizenship of any other country than US. Women having dual nationality including US are not allowed to avail this scholarship. The amount of fellowship differs depending on the level of degree applied by individual. The equivalence of US degree of bachelors must be earned before 30th September 2017.

Eureka College Scholarship USA for international students

This is a scholarship for the graduation programs in fall of 2018. The basic aim behind offering this scholarship is to made graduates with necessary skills and knowledge regarding particular profession.


The students applying in graduation degree from all over the world are eligible to apply in this program. The filed offered by University of Eureka offer this scholarship to the students. Such fields include liberal arts. Full tuition fee will be covered in this scholarship. The minimum requirement is 2.3 cumulative CGPA for the applicants. The language in which courses are offered must be known by the students applying for the scholarship.

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