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University of Wollongong
“Change the World” funding at the University of Wollongong, Australia for Indian and Bangladeshi Students in bachelors of law.

UOW “Change the World” Funding for Bangladeshi & Indian Students in Australia

About the University of Wollongong:

The university of Wollongong gives a wide range of choices of how and what you learn. They make the graduates enable to meet the demands of the changing world.

They make sure that the graduates not only succeed in jobs but in careers too. The disciplines of the university of Wollongong are rated as high or medium in respect of the research impact.

University of Wollongong is the highest ranked university in NSW/ACT in case of postgraduate learner engagement.

Meaningful impact is being made by the UOW throughout the world by their world-class and tremendous teaching, their research projects and the peaceful learning environment.

Overview of the scholarship:

“Change the World” is a program with a wonderful opportunity offered by Australia. This opportunity is furnished by the University of Wollongong.

This program has an aim to attract the applicants of India and Bangladesh so that they can pursue their bachelor’s degree program in Australia’s University of Wollongong.

In 1951, the university of Wollongong was established as the purpose of division of the New South Wales University of technology.

This Australian university in 1975 was constituted as a public research university and an independent institution.

Why at the University of Wollongong?

The conferral of University of Wollongong consists of 10,000 degrees as well as diploma for its students. This university provides its students with great teaching and excellent facilities. These opportunities are building blocks of the student’s bright future.

  • Application Deadline: November 8, 2019
  • Eligibility of the scholarship:
  • Eligible Countries: Only Indian and Bangladeshi.
  • Eligible Course or Subjects: They can join a Bachelor of Laws or Bachelor of Laws (graduate entry) degree program at the university.
  • Admissible Criteria: Must receive an offer in 2020 for a bachelor’s course offered by the university.

Application Procedure for attaining the scholarship:

Two steps should be followed in order to apply to this program of university of Wollongong.

First step is to register yourself a place in a degree of Bachelors of law, Bachelor of law (honors) or bachelor of laws (graduate entry). These are all degree programs available at the University of Wollongong.

Second step you have to do is fill the online application form completely and make sure to submit it with the detailed additional information which includes your contact details, student number provided by the university, address of yours and a video on which you will describe that how will you use a university of Wollongong law degree to change the world. The video must be of two minutes.

Benefits of the scholarship:

The benefits that will be provided by the University of Wollongong are tremendous. There are two awards that will be awarded by the university itself.

One for the Indian student and another one for a Bangladeshi applicant. The award will benefit applicants in a way that their 100% tuition fee will be covered or maybe minimum duration of the course.


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