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European Scholarships for graduate and undergraduate stuidents

Top 10 European scholarships​ 2018 2019 – Recent Scholarships

Every year, a worth of billion Euros of educational scholarships are proposed by European Academic Institutes or Universities and colleges for international students.  The European Union in conjunction with the Government of European States do advocate and provides the scholarships that are funded by Government and EU,thus, to magnetize the international students to Europe. Just like the students of European Institutes, International students are worthy to apply to for majority Universities and colleges in Europe that are free of cost or offer scholarships.

If a person is a potential international student preparing for learning in Europe different academic levels, he might be worthy and preferable for a scholarship.

Scholarships in Europe

Women around the world must stay tuned to scholarship offers and must take benefits from the opportunity by planning their future study in different regions of the world. Europe has many colleges and high schools that have started to grant maximum scholarships to women with the aim of empowering women.

  • Scholarships initiative by Erasmus Mundus

The European Commission induced this enthusiastic action in order to provide scholarships, funds and grants for the International students so they can get an opportunity of studying in Europe at preferred institutions.


  • Study Abroad ‘Go Euro’ Scholarships

This program offers about ten exclusive scholarships of about €2,000 are vacant and accessible for those students who are registered in any suitable university in entire Europe. Women should not miss this opportunity.

There are various Institutions that offer Scholarships for International Students in Europe, such as;


These Scholarships are granted to the dominant and excellent or deserving applicants and students from the regions external the UK so as to continue an all- time, enduring degree for postgraduate level in any course or subject at the Gates Cambridge University of UK. The awards covers up the entire cost of learning or studying at Gates Cambridge, that is to say the University Fee structure and the college expenses or fee at the suitable ratio, a sustenance quota for an individual student, and recession the start and completion of the course, furthermore it grants the costs for visa.


  • Oxford University initiative ‘Rhodes scholarships for International Students’

Rhodes is among the earliest and possibly one of the most influential program offering scholarships to the students all across the world.   These scholarships are basically awards granted at postgraduate level that holds phenomenal international students from various chosen states at Oxford University. The scholarships funds covers all the matters of students ranging from health insurance, the airfares, and university fee.

  • Scholarships at Leiden University of Netherlands

This program offers scholarships to the well deserving, outstanding and remarkable students with excellence in education, and for those who have registered for seeking education for the postgraduate level. These scholarships include a greater quota of university fee that is about €10,000, also covers up, ensuring the health insurance of the students. Women must apply for this scholarship to pursue their degree for Master’s program.

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