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Scholarships by University of Oregon in USA
Scholarships for General Programs by University of Oregon in USA – 2020.

Scholarships for General Programs by University of Oregon in USA – 2020.

Overview of Scholarship

The University of Oregon has provided students with scholarships for general programs for the academic year 2020-21. This is a great opportunity for undergraduate students to continue their education. In order to be considered eligible for this scholarship program, the candidates must have an excellent academic background. Moreover, the student must be a US national. This fellowship does not facilitate students outside of US. It also specializes in arts course so students interested in arts can also consider this institute.

The University of Oregon has been serving the world of education for good 150 years. It is basically a research institute. It aims at building the future of its graduates. University consists of a law school as well as a business school. Students can benefit from this award for one academic year.

Scholarship Description

  • Application Deadline: The last date for application submission is January 15, 2020. Candidates must apply before that.
  • Institute providing scholarship: The scholarship is provided by the University of Oregon in USA.
  • Course Level: This scholarship is eligible for undergraduate degree programs.
  • Scholarship Award: This scholarship is available to the students for one year of their academic session. The scholarship award ranges from 1000 dollars to 3000 dollars.
  • Number of scholarships: Number of scholarships being provided is not known.
  • Application procedure: Online application submission.
  • Nationality: Residents of US can avail this award.
  • Country providing scholarships: This scholarship is awarded in USA.

Eligibility of Scholarship

  • Eligible Countries: This scholarship only facilitates the US nationals. Any candidate from host country would not be considered eligible.
  • Eligible Courses: This award is open for undergraduate degree programs.
  • Criteria: For undergraduate and graduate candidates, the criteria to apply for this scholarship is a 50 GPA. However, law students need to have a 3.25 GPA to be eligible for this award.

Required Documents

Law candidates, newly graduate candidates, and Post Baccalaureate candidates are required to consider a few things in order to be considered eligible for scholarship by the university.

Admission Requirements:

These candidates are required to apply at the University of Oregon before the first of February for admission.

The online application form must be submitted before February 15.

These candidates are also required to submit the transcript for their previous academic session to the Admission Office before 15th of February. Notice that submitting transcripts to the academic department is not enough, candidates must submit them to the admission office as well.

Candidates are required to ask any professor to put forward their letter of reference to the university before deadline.

Language Requirements: There are no language requirements as the scholarships programs are only open for the home country nationals. However, all education is in English.

Application Procedure

Undergraduate applicants are required to submit the undergraduate application for admission in General Programs before the deadline i.e. January 15. After submitting the form, university administration will see students who stand up to the eligibility criteria.


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