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Princeton University Postdoctoral For International Students 2021-2024

Princeton University Postdoctoral For International Students 2021-2024
Princeton University Postdoctoral For International Students 2021-2024

Overview of the Scholarship

The Princeton Society of Fellows in liberal arts is calling out to students who want to apply for 2021-2024 postdoctoral fellowships. All those willing to apply can do so only once. To pursue the postdoctoral program, fellowships are available. During the entire academic year, fellows are required to stay near to or in Princeton.

This initiative of The Princeton society of fellows in liberal arts supports the use of interdisciplinary innovative approaches towards scholarship and for teaching in the field of humanities and humanities-related natural and social sciences. Each year, a new set of fellows are chosen on a three-year term to carry out research and to teach in a program or home department.

Why Go to Princeton University?

Princeton University is known for its excellence in academics and is the fourth oldest university in America as it was founded in 1746. Also, it is a member of the most prestigious group of universities in America – the Ivy League.

One of the many reasons to study at the Princeton University is its high ranking. The US News has ranked it as the top first or second university for the 15 years.

Outside of America, on the global scale, this university is ranked as the 7th best university in the world according to the Time Higher Education rankings. Nonetheless, Princeton University is always ranked in the top 10 universities on Earth.

Fun Fact: The two US presidents; James Madison and Woodrow Wilson, 16 Mobel Prize Winners, 12 Supreme Court Justices, and prominent figures including Michelle Obama, Jeff Bezos (Amazon Founder) are educated from this university.

Scholarship Description

  • Application Deadline: August 4, 2020 (11:59 p.m. EST)
  • Course Level: The course level of the scholarship being offered is not stated.
  • Study Subject: These fellowships are being offered in the field of liberal arts, an interdisciplinary group of scholars in social sciences, humanities, and some selected natural science fields.
  • Scholarship Award: Fellows hired under this fellowship program are provided a salary of approx. $88,800 every year, along with benefits, access to university grants, a personal computer, a shared office, and $5,000 as a research amount, and other such resources.
  •  Number of Scholarships: The number of scholarships/positions being offered are not stated or available.
  • Nationality: International students are eligible to apply for this fellowship, welcoming students from underrepresented backgrounds.
  • Scholarship can be taken in ——— (the country is not stated)

Princeton University

Eligibility of the Scholarship

  • Eligible Countries: International students from all countries around the world are eligible to apply for this fellowship being offered by Princeton University.
  • Acceptable Course or Subjects: These fellowships by Princeton University are being offered in liberal arts, an interdisciplinary group of scholars in social sciences, humanities, and some chosen natural science fields.
  • Admissible Criteria: Those applicants who hold the Ph.D. at the time of applying must have received the degree. Those who do not hold a Ph.D. must have completed a significant portion of their dissertation, approx. half when applying. Those who are successful must complete all the requirements of the Ph.D. dissertation filing included.

Application Procedure

  • How to Apply: The submission of applications are to be done through the online portal. Applicants must submit their applications via the online portal within the admission deadline. Faxed, emailed, mailed complete or partial applications will not be accepted.
  • Supporting Documents: For application, students must provide the transcript, counselor recommendation, school report, two recommendations of the teachers, and a mid-year school report.
  • Admission Requirements: The applicants need to have a previous degree to apply for this fellowship program.
  • Language Requirement:  Those applicants who do have English as a first language will be required to provide evidence and support for their English proficiency at the upper level which is required by Princeton University.

Apply for the Princeton University Postdoctoral For International Students

Other Princeton University Scholarships for International Students

Princeton University offers many scholarships to international students having high academic potential for their undergraduate and graduate studies.

Princeton University Scholarship for International Undergraduate Students

The scholarship for the admitted international students is treated the same as for the united states students, which includes the full fund on tuition, room, and board stated on the international student’s page of the university website. Moreover, the page also says “your family’s ability to pay for your university education is not a factor in our admission decision.”

So, due to high tuition and fees, most international feel hesitant to apply for admission at the university. However, being a full-need university, the financial needs of all students are met. Moreover, the amount of scholarship that a student needs doesn’t affect the admission decision as well.

It’s a very prestigious university, so only a small percent of applicants are admitted. So, you would need to a really bright student to get.

Princeton University Scholarship for International Master’s Students

Princeton University offers numerous fully-funded fellowships and assistantships to bright and eligible international students Students get aid depending on the available funds and his/her financial need.


There are many fellowships offered to international students at the Princeton University. Visit this page for detailed information on the fellowship opportunities.


Princeton University has two types of assistantships; Assistantships in Instruction (AI), and Assistantships in Research (AR). Both consist of paid tuition contributions and a stipend for their work that they do at the university.

These are the stipend rates.

Princeton University Master's Fellowships and Assistantships Stipend Rates

Or visit this page for updated rates.

For further information on assistantships, you can visit this Assistantships overview page.

Princeton University Scholarship for International Ph.D. Students

A page cost and funding from the Princeton University website states, “Princeton guarantees funding for its regularly enrolled, degree-seeking Ph.D. candidates for all years of regular program enrollment, contingent upon satisfactory academic performance.”

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