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Postdoctoral Fellowships for International Researchers in Italy 2021

Postdoctoral Fellowships for International Researchers in Italy:
Postdoctoral Fellowships for International Researchers in Italy: Veronesi Foundation

Postdoctoral Fellowships for International Researchers in Italy: Veronesi Foundation

The Veronesi Foundation is giving international researchers an opportunity to proceed with their fellowship in Italy. There are as many as 162 fellowships up for grab and they are offered to individuals who work in the biomedical field. The postdoctoral program will start in 2020 and both foreign as well as international students can benefit from the opportunity.

The foundation is providing assistance to individuals who are working on high profile projects. Their primary purpose is to identify and discover new methods for diagnosis and treatment of numerous diseases that include tumors and cardiovascular problems along with the nervous system. Projects investigating the onset of diseases and relationship between their cause and prevention are also welcome.

[box type=”shadow” align=”” class=”” width=””]In order to pursue the fellowship, you will have to enroll in the University of Pisa which is the 19th oldest extant university in the world.[/box]

It was found back in 1343 and is well known as a high level research facility for various fields. The primary sectors include agriculture, computer science, medicine, veterinary medicine, and astrophysics. However, you might want to enroll in any other Italian institute.

Details of Fellowship

  • Who can apply: International and local researchers
  • Level of study: Postdoctoral research
  • Subject of interest: Biomedical
  • Award: A grant of 30,000 euros for 12 months would be provided, sent directly to the bank account of the individual. However, you have to consider the taxation policies as a part of the gross salary would be directed to tax coverage. Do note that the fellowship only covers the salary of researcher and it cannot be used to cover the expenses that include lab supplies and reagents.
  • Insurance: Fellowship provides insurance to the researchers which cover the permanent disabilities that might result from an accident at workplace or disease as well as fatal accidents. Partial reimbursement of medical expenses is also available. Anything that falls under the DGL 81/2008 (Attuazione dell’articolo 1 della legge 3 agosto 2007, n. 123, in materia di tutela della salute e della sicurezza nei luoghi di lavoro) are to be covered by the institute. One should state it clearly in the acceptance letter that the hosting institute agrees to this clause.
  • Number of awards: 162 fellowships are available
  • Where to take scholarship: Italian universities
  • Last date for application: 5th September 2021

Eligibility Criteria

Italian and international students are welcome to apply for the scholarship. In order to be a part of it, you should be willing to pursue postdoctoral research in the biomedical field. One can take these scholarships in the university of his or her choice in Italy. Also, you are prohibited from doing any other job during the time nor you can benefit from any other bursary in the meantime. Other forms of funding than employment and bursary are compliant with the fellowship provided that they do not exceed the limit of 10,000 euros yearly before tax.

Eligibility criteria for fellowship include

  • Obtaining a PhD or specialization degree before 31st December 2020
  • Candidates, except the ladies that have children, should be no more than 43 years old as of 1st January 2020
  • Ladies that have children can consider one extra year per child and in case you receive the grant you will be asked to display a family certificate.
  • English language proficiency is required.

12-month fellowship

  • If you are looking to conduct experimental research you should hold a scientific degree in medicine or biological and pharmaceutical sciences. Other degrees that are eligible include biotechnology, biostatistics, computation biology, physics, and mathematics. A postgraduate qualification is necessary to pursue the research.
  • To proceed with clinical research, you should hold a degree in medicine with clinical research experience. The postgraduate qualification is a must and for the work, you will be directed to the Italian research hospitals. Based on the expertise, a member would become an integral part of specialized clinical teams that are led by top-notch referents. If you are looking to see patients in Italy, you have to possess degrees which are equivalent to Italian counterparts. Individuals that do not qualify to work as a doctor in Italy and apply for the clinical research would be excluded from the list of eligible students.

6-month fellowship (travel grants)

  • The 6-month fellowship grants are limited to Italian citizens who are working in Italy as they send the application. Candidates are preferred who hold a scientific degree in medicine, biotechnology, biological and pharmaceutical sciences, physics, and math. PhD is essential.

Application Procedure

Initially, you will be asked to provide your name, surname, fiscal code and email ID along with which type of research you are looking to conduct (experimental or clinical). It will start the process of application and you will be directed to the application form. There, you are required to submit the following:

  • A CV of maximum 4000 characters (including spaces). If you are absent from work, you should mention the reason for it. Dates for specialization are required to be mentioned clearly.
  • A list of scientific peer reviewed publications is mandatory. IF of all publications should be mentioned and only original papers with authentic reviews will be considered. In-press publications are eligible only if the editor provides letter of acceptance and sends it to
  • Abstract of proposed project of no more than 2000 characters
  • Description of the project along with background and details of plan, indication of expected results and how it will provide help for future health applications (of no more than 9000 characters)
  • Bibliography isn’t a part of project description and should be listed separately
  • PI’s CV of maximum 2000 characters along with field of investigation and a minimum of 5 publications in past 10 years. The C.V. requested is of the P.I. of the lab where you will carry the project.
  • To research on animals you should comply to protecting animal standards and get authorized animal protocols from Italian Ministry of Health.
  • To research on humans the approval from the local Ethics Committee or Institutional Review Board is necessary.
  • Two letters of recommendation which should be dated after 1st January 2017. One of the letters can be from the hosting P.I.
  • Hosting institute’s letter of acceptance with clear signatures of the authorities.
  • If you have done any project previously on the grant by Foundazione Umberto Veronesi, a report is required.
  • If available, you should provide preliminary results of your project.

Other than the above, you should note that:

  • The written material must be in English
  • Files to be attached should be in PDF or Word format
  • Only one application per candidate is permitted
  • No corrections are permitted once you send the final application

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