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Benjamin H. Stevens Graduate Fellowships in USA, 2019–2020

Overview of the Scholarship:

This scholarship is known as the Benjamin H.Stevens Graduate Scholarship. It is named after the intellectual leader who devoted his career to the students as a teacher, mentor, adviser and a friend. Mr Benjamin had an influence on his field. The applications regarding this scholarship are issued by The North American Regional Science Council of the Regional Science International (NARSC-RSAI). This scholarship is related to specifically for the regional science department, students who are into carrying on their career in the dissertation research. This scholarship is only for the students in the United States of America.

Scholarship Descriptions:

  • Application Deadline:February 15, 2019 is the last date to submit the scholarship applications.
  • Course Level:Scholarships are available for pursuing the dissertation research in the regional science from the NARSC-RSAI.
  • Study Subject:Scholarships are awarded to learn the field of Regional Science.
  • Scholarship Award:The Scholarship consists of a stipend in the amount of $30,000  paid over a twelve-month period. The stated amount of the Scholarship will be deducted from the tuition fees when the student will receive the invoice.
  • Number of Scholarships: The total number of scholarships are not given.
  • Nationality: This scholarship is for the students from North America.
  • Scholarship can be taken in: United States of America.


Eligibility for the Scholarship:

Students which are from the United States of America are the only students who are eligible to apply for this scholarship. The students who are going to apply for this scholarship should have completed all the degree requirements which this programme requires except for the course they are going to apply for, like for this case it is Dissertation. One of the main requirements for all the students that are going to apply for this scholarship is that the students should only focus on the Dissertation Research. There is no duty of the students other than this research. The students can work on other research programme concurrently as long the dissertation research is related to Regional Science.

Application Procedure:

To apply for the scholarship the application should be consisting of the following things.

  1. A curriculum vita or CV should be only one or two pages.
  2. The statement in the application should be of ten pages, not more than that. The table of contents are excluded of these pages while the references are included. Answers of all the questions should be answered in a clear way like how do you approach this research and what will you expect from this Dissertation Research. Font used in the application should be 12-point, double spaced with one inch margin and the references can be single spaced.
  3. Students which are going to apply should submit their all copies of the transcripts of all graduate studies, unofficial copies are also accepted.

Required Documents:

The confidential letter that should be provided by the dissertation supervisor with the students’ name attached to it. This required document should be sent to the Professor Weinstein. In this document the candidates degree details and the commitment for the dissertation research is shown.

APPLICATION LINK FOR Benjamin H. Stevens Graduate Fellowships in USA, 2019–2020

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