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Australian Scholarships For Undergraduate Students
Australian Scholarships For Undergraduate Students

Australian Scholarships For Undergraduate Students in 2018

Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarships

This scholarship is established to award the international students because of the diversity they create in the population of university students. It is awarded in any category of degrees offered by this Melbourne University.


This is actually a fee remission scholarship for which the student must be resident of any country other than New Zealand and Australia. The offer made to that student for undergraduate studies should be unconditional. The final year results of school should be excellent. The IB test score of the student should be 44. Any type of tertiary studies other than 12-year program should not be taken by the student.

Macquarie Vice-Chancellor Scholarship for international students

This scholarship is offered for both bachelors and masters program. It is a partial scholarship for tuition fee for the students giving an outstanding performance.


The students of any country other than a European country, ASEAN, New Zealand, Australia or Mongolia are allowed to apply for this scholarship. The academic, as well as English requirements, must be fulfilled by the students applying. Undergraduate applicants should have the equivalence of 90/100 of ATAR. The program should be more than one session and on full-time study basis.

Australia Awards scholarship

This is an opportunity for the students of developing countries especially from the areas of Undi – Pacific that can take part in undergraduate programs. This is offered for multiple Australian as well as TAFE that is Technical and Further Education organization.


The minimum age criterion for the student is 18 years of education. The students of countries mentioned above can apply for this scholarship. Also, the person should not be married or engaged to any person who has eligibility to have New Zealand or Australian nationality. The student should also fulfill any specified criteria for the program he is applying it.

Monash international merit scholarship

Monash University offers multiple merit-based scholarships for the international students for the undergraduate as well as postgraduate programs. There is total 31 scholarship awarded under this name.


All the international students from any country who prefer Monash to study are eligible to apply for this scholarship. The students who have completed 2 semesters of their studies can apply for this scholarship. Also, the students who are undertaking the degree at any campus of Monash in Australia should apply for this scholarship. Also, the student should receive Monash Course offer without any condition.

Adelaide International Undergraduate Scholarship

This is also known as AIUS and offered by Adelaide University. This is offered for the international students for the undergraduate programs.


The scholarship selection takes place on the basis of competitive as well as academic record. The GPA making 85% of percentage is acceptable for this scholarship. Excellent students are attracted from all over the world by providing 25% Waiver in fee. The programs, as well as country of origin, are also considered while selecting the candidate. Scholarship select in the process is completely rational to provide opportunities to excellent students.

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