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Australia Awards Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships

Australia Awards Endeavour Scholarships 2018
Australia Awards Endeavour Scholarships

Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships is a program started by the government of Australia in order to promote education. It is an opportunity given to the citizens of Australia as well as individuals all over the globe. For Australians, it is a chance to go abroad and study in their relevant fields whereas for foreign individuals it gives an opportunity to come up and study in Australia.

Australia Awards Endeavour Scholarships Description

  • Eligibility: Check eligibility section below.
  • Country: Most of America, Asia, The Caribbean, Europe, Middle East, and Pacific.
  • Scholarship Amount: Not defined (may include tuition fee, travelling and settling allowance, accommodation, and monthly expenditures).
  • Language requirements: TOEFL / IELTS / CAE / PTE / Transcript
  • A number of awards: Undefined.
  • Subject: Postgraduate, Ph.D., professional development, and VET programs.
  • Deadline: Not announced yet. May open soon!

The scholarship provides opportunities for individuals that want to undertake postgraduate, post doctoral, professional and VET studies. It provides you a financial allowance that may include accommodation, tuition fee, travelling expenses, and even monthly expenditures.

Who is Eligible for Australia Awards Endeavour Scholarships ?

There are certain restrictions for people that are willing to apply. These include:

  • The applicant should be 18 or more years old.
  • He or she must be a citizen or permanent resident for the country that he names on his application, and it should be a participant in the program.
  • Program’s commencement will be announced soon.
  • Must neither hold nor be among the individuals that have completed any scholarship or fellowship that comes under the observation of Australian Government since 1st January 2016.
  • One is prohibited from applying for a field for which he already had taken an Endeavour scholarship or fellowship.

Selection Criteria of Australia Awards Endeavour Scholarships

The individuals that apply are selected on a certain basis. There is a particular criterion following which the scholarship or fellowship is granted. These include:

  • The high-level academic achievement record along with your work experience in the field of study in which you are applying. It holds a 40% weight.
  • People that take part in a recognized development program or the ones that can show proper research in the field can have an edge of as much as 20%.
  • The applicant is required to give a statement about how this international study or program that he is going to undertake will help him in his academic and professional life. It also holds 20% weight.
  • And lastly, 20% weight for the statement that you give about how the program you are applying for will benefit the country in question and your host country giving that you have the scholarship and complete the course or training successfully.

How to Apply for Australia Awards Endeavour Scholarships 2021 2022

In order to apply, you need first to make sure that you are eligible. Make sure that you read about TOC and satisfy all the requirements. As the application procedure starts, you can register online.

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