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University of the People
University of the People Online Tuition Free Degree Program

University of the People Online Tuition Free Degree Program

The University of the People is offering online tuition free degree program to students. It is the first recognized university in the world that is non-profit and American accredited and provides you a chance to learn online without paying any tuition fee. Their online learning model is ground breaking and have a wide variety of online academic programs available. They are pursuing students to take high quality education and provide you an invaluable American degree.

The courses that you can take under this program includes the two year associate and four years bachelor’s programs. You have a chance to enroll in business administration, computer science, as well as the health science and MBA programs.

Basic Details

  • University Name: University of the People
  • Program offered: Bachelor’s Degree and Associate Degree
  • Field of study: Business administration, health science, computer science, MBA
  • Deadline: 4 Oct 2018
  • Where to study: Study from anywhere online
  • Classes start date: The next term will begin on 15th Nov 2018

Host institution

The host institution, University of the People, was founded back in 2009. It was first accredited in 2014 and has rapidly grown since them.

They popped up on the circuit of international education soon and since then they have been providing quality education to people all over the globe.

Their affiliation is with the Yale ISP Law School which provides research facility while the NY University, UoCB, and UoE is there for student acceptance.


As stated, the university offers to you a bachelors degree in courses including health and science, MBA, business administration, and computer science.


The university is targeting individuals from all over the globe. At this moment, the university has students from more than 200 countries and territories.

The value of scholarship

Next up we have the value of scholarship and you cannot simple oversee it because the university offers to you completely tuition free courses. The volunteers and open educational resources help the university in pursuing it and they are building a pretty sustainable model for higher education.

You are required to pay an application processing fee of $60 which is non-refundable. And at the end of each course, you would only pay $100 assessment fee. Nothing else is charged from the students.

If you find these smallest of fees tough to pay, you can take a look at various scholarships offered. These includes the Simone Biles Legacy Scholarship Fund, Emergency Refugee Assistance Scholarship Fund, Foundation Hoffmann Scholarship, and UoPeople General Scholarship.


Anyone holding a high school degree and possessing a computer and internet connection is eligible.


You can visit the official website of UoP to check the application guidelines. The applications are open for 5 terms and the current deadline is 4th October 2018 for the term which will start on 15th Nov 2018.

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