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Recent Posts

USAID PRESTASI Scholarship Program for Indonesian Students

USAID has been providing scholarship throughout the world to individuals from various countries. It depends on the type of program you want to benefit that what incentives are given to you. Talking about the current scholarship programs of USAID in Indonesia, they usually cover the postgraduate degrees. Apart from that, individuals that want to enroll in short-term technical courses which belong to the careers that include law, economy and similar other sectors can also acquire a sponsorship. One can have advanced academic degrees in both Indonesia as well as in the US who is granted scholarship.

USAID  Scholarship Program for Indonesian Students 2018

  • Deadline: The scholarship program is open. It was extended in 2014 for 5 years.
  • Country:
  • Scholarship Amount: Not Defined. $26 million in total for the program.
  • Language Requirements: Must be proficient in English.
  • Number of Awards:
  • Subject: A wide range of fields with most of them belonging to Legal, Political, and Business studies.

Program to Extend Scholarships to Achieve Sustainable Impacts

Program to Extend Scholarships to Achieve Sustainable Impacts, known as the PRESTASI, is launched by USAID for the people of Indonesia. They have given sponsorship to more than 300 individuals through this act. Along with several other initiatives by USAID in Indonesia to provide aid to people who want to study and do not have enough resources, this one also targets individuals, organizations, and institutions.

students of indonesia for USAID scholarship
USAID PRESTASI Scholarship Program for Indonesian

The prthe ogram was to come to a conclusion in 2017. However, to achieve a higher impact, it was extended in September of 2014. The authorities granted $26 million to keep it running for five more years and is currently functioning. A special exception is given to people who are from the government institutions both at the national level as well as at provincial level. Moreover, if you are a person who comes from the under-developed area or locations in Indonesia that are not given a proper representation, then you will have the edge over other candidates.

How are you selected?

There are a number of procedures that a candidate has to go through before he gets selected. He needs to possess:

  • Excellent leadership skills.
  • Appropriate knowledge in a technical field.
  • Subjects of interest must comply with USAID/Indonesia Government development requirements.
  • Must possess the right qualification to be enrolled in the relevant training course.
  • Co-funding from government institutions is encouraged.

Eligibility Criteria

In order to be eligible, you must satisfy the following requirements.

  • One needs to be a citizen of Indonesia.
  • The applicant should neither be a direct employee of USAID, nor he must hold any kind of job that comes under a USAID contractor.
  • Must have more than 10 years of service left before retirement after completion of course for which he is applying (i.e. if you are enrolling in 2 years course you should have 12 to 13 years of service left because 2 years will be counted in study and after that you will only have 10 11 years where 10 years is minimum requirement).
  • The candidate should be able to prove that he is proficient in English. For that, he either needs a TOEFL with a score of 450 or above or he must pass IELTS test with equivalent bands to qualify for the scholarship.

So, if you think that you have the potential to be selected and satisfy the eligibility criteria, then you must not waste any time in heading over to for further information.

 USAID Scholarship Program for Indonesian Link

What is Adelaide International Scholarship? 2018 2019

Postgraduate students from around the world look for best scholarships to continue their career building trip for the postgraduate studies. Adelaide International Scholarship is one such programme which offers the overseas postgraduate students to continue their studies and research here at the University of Adelaide. They greatly support these students in their areas to their research efforts.

This scholarship program is basically hosted by the University of Adelaide. Adelaide Scholarship International (ASI) provides a scholarship in any degree for Research or Doctoral Research at the masters level. There are a limited number of scholarships and are provided to all the international students except students from New Zealand. This scholarship provides you with two years of course tuition fee for masters research degree and three years of course tuition fee for a Doctoral research degree. University provides you with a yearly living allowance for a masters degree by research for two years and three years for a Doctoral research degree. It also provides health cover for overseas students only if the student or the scholarship holder has a subclass 500 visa.

Eligibility Criteria For Adelaide International Scholarship 2018

  • You must hold a or an equivalent of Australian First Class Honours degree. This is a four years program with a research project in the final year. The scholarships will be awarded on the basis of the academic excellence and research potential.
  • As international candidates, you must not hold a research qualification respected by the University of Adelaide to be proportionate to an Australian Research Doctorate degree. If undertaking a Research Masters degree you must not hold a research qualification respected by the University of Adelaide to be equal to or higher than an Australian Research Masters degree.
  • You are not eligible for the scholarship if you have not provided proper documentation to prove that you have met the English proficiency requirements as per required for the direct entry within the due date. Similarly, you are not eligible if you have taken some Pre-Enrollment English Program in order to meet the entry requirements.
  • You are ineligible if you are a permanent resident or a citizen of Australia or New Zealand.
  • You can apply for the Adelaide International Scholarship if you have applied for permanent residence in Australia.

Application Round Dates:

A formal application is required in order to apply for the scholarship. There is no entry or application fee and the applications are submitted online. The applications shall be submitted within the due date with proper documentation as per the requirements. Incomplete applications within the due date or applications after the due date will not be considered in the round.

Adelaide International Scholarship Fully Funded Link

  • ROUND 1:

Commencement of Semester 1 for the year 2018

Last Day to Apply: 31 August 2017

Last Day to Enrol is 30 June 2018

Scholarships Offered in this round are RTPS and ASI

Anticipated Outcome Notification is in Early November 2017

  • ROUND 2:

Commencement of Semester 1 or Semester 2 for the year 2018

Last Day to Apply: 31 January 2018

Last Day to Enrol is 31 August

Scholarships Offered in this round areRTPS and ASI

Anticipated Outcome Notification in early April 2018

  • ROUND 3:

Commencement of Semester 2 for the year 2018

Last Day to Apply: 30 April 2018

Last Day to Enrol: 30 November 2018

Scholarships Offered in this round is ASI

Anticipated Outcome Notification in early July 2018

Wuhan University Scholarship Master 2018 for International Law and Chinese Law

The Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China started a program in 2008 according to which the high-end professionals and business officials from developing countries, with mid to high seniority level, can come and take part in masters programs. The purpose is to educate these individuals and anyone who is working in government or trade sector, responsible for agriculture or foreign affairs, looking after technology and education, and even those who are working in other departments can come and benefit from it.

Who can apply for wuhan university scholarship 2018?

Since September 2015, Wuhan University has been a part of this scholarship program and offers a master program in International Law and Chinese Law. More than 60 individuals were admitted by authorities in this program among which 39 are studying at Wuhan University. The individuals that are working and have mid to high level of seniority with good professional reputation can apply for this scholarship. In 2018, there will be around 30 students in a masters program for this field and the duration will be up to 2 years.

  • Eligible Countries: This program is designed for non-Chinese citizens.
  • Entrance Requirements:
  • English Language Requirements: The candidate should have a very good command of English language. Therefore, the application should be written in English.

Financial Aid

The Ministry of Commerce is responsible for providing these scholarships and would cover almost all expenses. These include the basic tuition management and living expenses, and round-trip international airfare for students to go come here, study, and go back to home after completing graduation. Apart from that, you will not be paying any accommodation fee, teaching material fee, and even the fee for research and investigation is also exempted. There is also a particular English teaching subsidy and exclusion of graduation thesis guidance fee. Apart from the above, there is decent medical insurance that university purchases for these students. It is around 36000 RMB per year program and comes with one off settlement allowance that is as much as 3000 RMB for each. All other expenses would be administered either by the university or by Ministry of Commerce.

Students of Wuhan University

  • Application Deadline: June 29, 2018
  • Course Level: Scholarships are available for pursuing master’s programme.
  • Study Subject: Scholarships are awarded in the field of International Law and Chinese Law.

What you study in Wuhan University Scholarship Master 2018 for International Law and Chinese Law?

There are compulsory and elective courses in this program. The compulsory include introduction to Chinese Law and Society. Then you have the Global Governance and International Rule of Law to learn basic international law theories. After that, there is International Trade Law and WTO Laws. The other three compulsory subjects include International Law of Treaty, International Arbitration and Civil Procedure, and International Environmental Law.

The list of elective courses includes International Intellectual property Law and Chinese Contract Law. For those that are international, they may opt for the International Organization Law, International Law and the Sea, the Outer Space, and the Antarctic, or even go for the International Investment and Financial Law.

Application Procedure for wuhan university scholarship 2018

When you are looking to apply online, you have to go to this LINK and choose B type scholarship. University code for this institute is 10486 and then download and print the form. You will also get a list of required materials. Fill the form and attach all the files along. Submit it as a hard copy as well as a scanned copy to Economic and Commercial Counselor Office of Chinese Embassy.


Scholarship LINK 


Cambridge University Mitochondrial toxicity in Drosophila models of Neurodegenerative Diseases PhD Scholarship

If you are willing to do Ph.D. in Mitochondrial toxicity in Drosophila models of Neurodegenerative diseases and want to acquire a scholarship, then you can benefit from the following program.

A course of as long as four years is available starting from October of 2018. Taken care of by Dr. L. Miguel Martins, the annual budget of this program is 15000 pounds (without any tax). It is available to you at the Medical Research Council Toxicology Unit which is a well known and reputable institution, recognized internationally and aimed at providing a deep insight to toxicology and diseases that may change its future.

Cambridge University Mitochondrial toxicity in Drosophila models of Neurodegenerative Diseases PhD Scholarship

The institute is a part of the University of Cambridge and is located in Leicester. The relocation of the department is programmed under the instructions of the university, and its location will be changed to Cambridge by early 2020. So, the candidates that will be eligible to take part in the program and will be handed over the scholarship are going to study first part of their PhD in Leicester while the other half will be at Cambridge as the university will change its location.

The institute has all necessary facilities required to carry out supportive learning. They aim to enhance the skills of students and equip them with all the essentials of the field. Since the first day, you will be registered under the name of the University of Cambridge thus will be counted as a student of the institute and all successful candidates will be handed over membership of the university. However, due to the fact that initially, their location will be different, therefore, will have only limited access to the facilities.

Eligibility criteria

The candidates will be required to acquire a 2.1 Honours Degree in bioscience. Anyone who possesses an equivalent certification from a recognized institute will also be eligible. One has to satisfy all the requirements that UK Research Council put up for them.

For EU nationals that are not permanent residents in the UK, a fee-only studentship will be given. Individuals that come under the inspection and are stamped as liable for overseas rates won’t be able to qualify for the program.

  • Applications open Sept. 4, 2017
  • Application deadline April 30, 2018
  • Course Starts Oct. 1, 2018

For those of you that are looking to acquire full aware, one should be settles in the UK. There should not be any restrictions on their duration of stay and their free movement throughout the country. One also has to be the ordinarily resident of the country for more than three years before starting his or her scholarship which means that you must normally be residing in the state for this duration (temporary absence or occasional leaves are exempted). For those of you that are not UK or EU nationals, the purpose of residence in the UK must not be completely about full-time education.

Course overview

The course is completely focused on mitochondrial toxicity and takes a look at various aspects of its working. The signaling pathways of toxicity and energy production, along with other functions of this part of the cell would come under observation.

Application Requirements

In order to apply for this course you’ll need to think about getting a few things ready before you apply.

  • Two academic references 
  • Transcript 
  • Evidence of competence in English 
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Research proposal

Scholarship Link


MyMaster15 Scholarships for Malaysian Citizens To Study Abroad 2018

Citizens of Malaysia that want to go abroad for postgraduate programs can benefit from MyBrain 15. It offers MyMaster and MyPhD courses as full-time studies. Anyone who is a student of a recognized University in Malaysia or overseas can enroll in this program. Also, there are no restrictions when it comes to which subjects you want to study and what will be your field. Here, we will provide you details about how you can proceed with the MyMaster application. You will get to know the requirements and how you can apply for it.

Overview of Scholarship MyMaster15 Scholarships for Malaysian Citizens 

  • Last date of application submission: 31st March 2018
  • Level of study: Any postgraduate program
  • Subject of study: Any field that student want to pursue studies in.
  • Nationality: Anyone who is a citizen of Malaysia can take part in it and benefit from this program.
  • How many scholarships per year: Number is not listed publicly.
  • Where scholarships can be taken: One can take scholarship in any institute that has a status of university granted to it whether government, private, or abroad.

Who is eligible?


Anyone who is from Malaysia or holds the citizenship of the country is eligible to be a part of this scholarship program.


If one is looking to enroll in this program then the following criteria must be met.

  • One should be a citizen of Malaysia.
  • The age of individual must not be more than 35 years as of 1st January 2018.
  • The individual who is submitting application should belong to any of the following categories:
    • Individuals that are not working anywhere.
    • People who do not have a stable and fixed income.
    • People that work in private sectors.
    • Lecturer institution.
    • One who belongs whether belongs to public or to statutory bodies or even the pensioners government.


  • If you are among people that work abroad then you won’t be able to apply.
  • You can only apply if your qualification is below masters. Anyone with masters or equivalent degree won’t be able to take part in MyMaster program.
  • The following criteria must be met regarding academic qualifications:
    • Must hold a bachelors degree from a government recognized institution and have a CGPA of between 3 and 4. Any equivalent degree or qualification would also be taken into consideration.
    • Must take part in APEL (Accreditation of Prior Learning) which is a program by Malaysian Qualifications Agency and should be stamped for entry into Masters Degree Program (level 7 of the Malaysian Qualifications Framework).


  • Must meet the requirements of entering a university and has received a letter of joining or has begun studies. The studies must span at least 12 months and at the end one should be granted degree of Masters or equivalent professional certificate.
  • One should not receive any funding from other parties unless it falls into following criteria:
    • The applicant is from public sector and has no fixed income or is not working. He receives research allowances and loans from other sponsors.
    • The applicant is from private category or a lecturer and receives funding from employers or other programs.
    • Individuals associated with government and receive funding that is not loan or full scholarship.
  • Must study full-time.

English requirement

If English is not your first language then you are usually required to show a certification showing that you are proficient in high level English speaking, reading, and writing.

Apply today

Link Scholarship


Worldwide Scholarships For Women Graduate and Undergraduate

The market and economy is comes to be resilient on moment. When it does, majority adults opt to rebound to school parallel to completing education at high school. Usually, both kinds of these students get in tertiary school or university the ambition of making better options of finding a job which will indeed assist them by way of the difficult times, or they may aim to get the job they dream of  thousands of students every year boosts and are increasing and getting scholarships at different regions of the world, like U.S, Europe, Spain and Malaysia. Their government initiates the scholarship programs in association with various leading institutions or universities. Thus the opportunities for an access to better education are increasing for women across the globe.

Scholarships provided by Institutes are more accustomed

The scholarships or awards offered by the some excellent institutes of world are more accustomed than the rest. A few of them plainly have no caption or title to come under such agenda or program, while rest or the other institutes may not be demanding and specific much what required one.

Why scholarships are offered by Institutes across world?

There are a number of reasons that make most of the country’s best place for International students and those who go under any educational scholarships programs must know that the institutes all around the world especially institutes of Europe, Australia are best in terms of Academic Excellence and they better provide their students the opportunities for their research and observance, also they have some kind of flexibility of certain programmes. Following are some scholarship programmes started by the high schools and governments of different countries for Students all around the world.

Scholarship programs for Women

Some of the institutes across the world that provides scholarships and funds to women and give them chance to excel and improve their educational skills by studying at Institutes of different regions of the world.

Scholarships for Women by Betty Rendell in association with NFORW

This program aims to provide scholarships for women by discarding the assumption that Politics is the public sphere only for men and only men can get maximum opportunities while women are subordinates to them. The National Federation of Republican Women, in awake of the increasing population of young females who may have their interest in leadership and politics and the educational scale pushing them to a fruitful career in reach of it, provides various scholarships and fellowships to female students all across the world.

Scholarship by the HORIZONS

This scholarship program by The Horizons, have the initiative or the aim of giving scholarships to the students , most importantly to the female students who are interested in subjects related to defense and National security. Institutions offers program covering various coursed related to defense, including, International Relations, The politics in International system. The scholarship is planned to offer financial help to advance educational goals and aims of women, especially to those women who live in  U.s being there as  citizens of U.S either working or devising better options for careers in national security and defense areas.

Top 10 European scholarships​ 2018 2019 – Recent Scholarships

Every year, a worth of billion Euros of educational scholarships are proposed by European Academic Institutes or Universities and colleges for international students.  The European Union in conjunction with the Government of European States do advocate and provides the scholarships that are funded by Government and EU,thus, to magnetize the international students to Europe. Just like the students of European Institutes, International students are worthy to apply to for majority Universities and colleges in Europe that are free of cost or offer scholarships.

If a person is a potential international student preparing for learning in Europe different academic levels, he might be worthy and preferable for a scholarship.

Scholarships in Europe

Women around the world must stay tuned to scholarship offers and must take benefits from the opportunity by planning their future study in different regions of the world. Europe has many colleges and high schools that have started to grant maximum scholarships to women with the aim of empowering women.

  • Scholarships initiative by Erasmus Mundus

The European Commission induced this enthusiastic action in order to provide scholarships, funds and grants for the International students so they can get an opportunity of studying in Europe at preferred institutions.


  • Study Abroad ‘Go Euro’ Scholarships

This program offers about ten exclusive scholarships of about €2,000 are vacant and accessible for those students who are registered in any suitable university in entire Europe. Women should not miss this opportunity.

There are various Institutions that offer Scholarships for International Students in Europe, such as;


These Scholarships are granted to the dominant and excellent or deserving applicants and students from the regions external the UK so as to continue an all- time, enduring degree for postgraduate level in any course or subject at the Gates Cambridge University of UK. The awards covers up the entire cost of learning or studying at Gates Cambridge, that is to say the University Fee structure and the college expenses or fee at the suitable ratio, a sustenance quota for an individual student, and recession the start and completion of the course, furthermore it grants the costs for visa.


  • Oxford University initiative ‘Rhodes scholarships for International Students’

Rhodes is among the earliest and possibly one of the most influential program offering scholarships to the students all across the world.   These scholarships are basically awards granted at postgraduate level that holds phenomenal international students from various chosen states at Oxford University. The scholarships funds covers all the matters of students ranging from health insurance, the airfares, and university fee.

  • Scholarships at Leiden University of Netherlands

This program offers scholarships to the well deserving, outstanding and remarkable students with excellence in education, and for those who have registered for seeking education for the postgraduate level. These scholarships include a greater quota of university fee that is about €10,000, also covers up, ensuring the health insurance of the students. Women must apply for this scholarship to pursue their degree for Master’s program.

Scholarships For Women In Australia 2018 2019

There are a number of Institutions worldwide who offer scholarships, and assistance awards that can assist and support the students financially with their academic studies. Institutions and universities, colleges at Australia too offers the grants and scholarship programs for International students, especially for women all around the world thus giving them better opportunities and access to a better and good education , so they can progress and make ethical relations with men in society.

Who offers scholarships in Australia?

These scholarship programs are offered by the administration or government of Australia, and by the institutions with excellence in education, and most of other public based organizations and the private organizations. One may better use the search instrument accessible on each related page of site that promotes the scholarship program in order to find scholarships, conjointly with their details of  contact  that are basic for the institution offering the grants.

Scholarships for Women in Australia

Most of the scholarships are offered for women of all nationalities, nevertheless all pre requisites for the grants or scholarships are set by university or institution offering and providing the scholarship.

Queensland Association of Australian Federation of University

  • This institute has been offering scholarships and grants for the ones who have done their graduation in bachelors or completed the degree for bachelors. It offers for the postgraduate’s.
  • Their scholarships has been granted to the women graduates from majority countries of the world, and have also financed and sustained studies in a broader sphere of disciplines, such as architecture , a fine knowledge in marine biology, offer courses  related to law and literature, mathematics, and also  social work ,performing arts.
  • Their basic perspective or objective is to help women with primary educational qualifications in order to boost up their basic knowledge and develop and extend their experience via studying and working in a totally peculiar environment.

women’s scholarship for phd

women’s scholarship for phd 2018

scholarships for african women 2018/2019

women’s scholarship for phd 2018

unesco scholarships for developing countries 2019

full scholarships for students from developing countries

Phd scholarship for women’s of developing countries

Australia Grants and Awards For Women

  • They aim to advocate knowledge, academic skills, and abiding ties between the neighboring states and Australia via its far reaching scholarship programs.
  • The awards program basically, brings in sync scholarships proposed by the Foreign Affairs department of Australia, their Department of Academics and Education.

Research Training Program For Women by Australia

This program retrieved the Postgraduate Research for Scholarships agenda. Women who are applicants for this scholarship or awards are made straightforwardly to a cooperative institution.

Women for Research Scholarship program  

Australian government offers this research award to well-qualified and well deserving women researchers from all over the APEC frugalities for research favorable chances in alliance and association with education department of Australia and their research centers or institutions. The scholarship agenda or goal is to base women empowerment and development the region of APEC and to expand the women profile as the example in technology, arts, science and engineering.

Scholarships for Women by Austrian Government

This scholarship program includes the monthly grants accessible for about three to four months of time for the international students and especially the women of all education levels.

2018 2019 UK Scholarship For Women

Women scholarships are offered to promote study for women. Multiple financial aid programs are offered worldwide at various degree levels to provide education. Special grants are offered by many universities for women so that their education can be completed without any problem. Some such scholarship opportunities offered in the UK are described here.

Scholarships in University of Essex

These are future scholarships for women in the UK. This program is designed to support inspirational and bright women in future. The scholarship will be awarded to total 30 women to empower them with the knowledge and skills so that they can bring change in the world and become leaders. This is offered for the master degree. All the stipend and tuition fee will be covered in the scholarship and it is worth $20,000. The international fee paying students are eligible for this program. The female should be from any other country than the UK.

Cass global leadership program for women

This program is for women from all over the world and the funding of this program is from Coca Cola Company. This program is especially for MBA program. This program is made to connect the women from all over the world so that they can become more confident, resilient and responsible. This business school is among top business schools in the UK. This business related field is becoming really popular for women and they are pursuing it for better future prospects. Three scholarships are offered in this category annually from Coca cola. The university degree of undergraduate studies should be really good. Students also require English proficiency certificate that is IELTS or TOEFL. The procedure for application is really simple and can be obtained easily from the official website.

Said business school scholarships for women in 2018

This is a program offered by Said business school for women who want to study master’s degree. The number of scholarships offered under this name is two that will help to cover 50 percent of the expenses. This is the business School of Oxford University with amazing ranking. Passing TOEFL is necessary for the applicants for this scholarship. This scholarship is specially offered for women from all countries. To enter into this program the candidate should have the undergraduate degree as well as the professional experience that is relevant to the degree. IELTS is also considered along with TOEFL for the entrance criteria.

FINCAD women scholarship

This scholarship is available for women from all over the world. It is available for graduation level where the main study areas are risk management and capital market. The scholarship has the worth of $10,000. The number of scholarships offered under this category is not specified. There is no citizenship or age requirement for women applying for this program. The applications are submitted online and proper guidelines are provided about how to apply for this program.  As this is a graduate level scholarship so the presence of 12 year education certificate or equivalence is required.