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MMU Scholarships for Cinematic Arts Students in Malaysia 2018

Cinematic Arts and Multimedia are two of the most amazing fields across the globe. It is simply art that everyone, given that he gets a chance, must master. It teaches you how you can express your ideas and creativity with the help of videos and cinematography. However, the studies can be a bit expensive and you might be interested in it but given the money that one has to spend you may have to pull off the idea of being a master in the field.

MMU Scholarships

But the Multimedia University, Malaysia, is giving you a chance to fulfill your dreams by offering you a 100% scholarship. It is available for all the Malaysian citizens and covers a one year foundation with 3 years degree program.

The Multimedia University is a private university in Malaysia. It has three different campuses located in Melaka, Cyberjaya, and Iskandar Puteri. There are 9 different faculties with around 19 research centers that come under the supervision of the institute.

The Cinematic Arts Scholarships for Malaysian students is an initiative that allows the talented students of the country to achieve their dream of becoming a degree holder in the field.

The award covers a hefty amount, giving you a complete coverage on registration, tuition fee, and annual resource fee. It may also include a decent monthly stipend for 1 year foundation and 3 year degree program.

MMU Scholarships for Cinematic Arts Students in Malaysia 2018

The details of scholarship are given below:

  • Last date to submit your Application: 4th of June 2018
  • Level of study: The scholarships cover a 1 year foundation course with a 3 year degree program.
  • The subject of interest: The award is dedicated for the students that want to pursue studies in Cinematic Arts.
  • Amount of award: The award is pretty decent one as it covers all your university expenses that include registration fee, tuition fee, and extra expenses. Also, there is a good monthly stipend that you will be able to receive. However, one has to obtain a trimester CGPA of 3.00 or more.
  • A number of awards available: The exact number of awards per year is not disclosed yet.
  • Where to take the scholarship: It is available for the Malaysian citizens to grab and study in the Multimedia University in their country.

Eligibility criteria

The Malaysian citizens are eligible to submit the applications for this scholarship opportunity. They should be a permanent resident of the country and must satisfy the entry requirements that are put up for the Foundation in Cinematic Arts. But it can also be for the Foundation in Creative Multimedia or even the Bachelor in Cinematic Arts.

You should be completing the application along with form and submit it prior to the deadline mentioned above. The preference is given to individuals that show involvement in extra-curricular activities as well. They might ask you to present a demonstration of storytelling so be prepared for it.

Apart from that, the application should be written in English. It is to determine that the individual possesses a firm grip of English language.

How to apply

Complete the application for any of the three groups and then fill another that is for MMU Cinematic Arts Scholarship. Submit both of them to the university before the deadline to be considered for the program.

MMU Cinematic Arts Scholarship Application Link


Ph.D. Scholarship in Computer Science Department at Masaryk University, Czech Republic

Are you a computer geek? Do you want to study one of the biggest universities in the Czech Republic? Well, the Masaryk University is offering you a chance to come and pursue your Computer Science studies and be a Ph.D. degree holder. The session starts from September 2018, and the selected individuals will receive special funding. There is a proper system of applying and selection, and two vacant positions are waiting for people that are submitting applications.

Ph.D. Scholarship Computer Science Department at Masaryk University

Scholarships for Ph.D. in Computer Science Department at Masaryk University, Czech Republic

The University was founded back in 1919 in Brno. It is the second even Czech University and is a pretty popular institution in the home country as well as a respected university across the globe. You can have an overview of how good it is by knowing that the institute has over 9 departments and there are more than 35K students who have enrolled in various courses. It is also a member of Compostela Group as well as the Utrecht Network that are two humongous computer relevant organizations.

Description of Scholarship

The detailed insight into the award is listed below:

  • Last date to submit your application: 18th May 2018
  • Level of study: Individuals that want to pursue their Ph.D. are welcome to apply.
  • The subject of interest: The scholarship for the Ph.D. in Computer Science topic is available for two different topics. First is the Control of Distributed Multi-agent Systems Under Temporal Constraints and the second is Structural Graph Theory and Algorithmic metatheorems.
  • Award of scholarship: The two seats will be funded with a good amount. The value is a serious one and stipend of a minimum of 29.000 CZK, which is equal to almost 1100 Euros, per month will be provided. It includes the standard Ph.D. Stipend along with the extra-departmental expenses that amount to 10K CKZ each month. It is more than what a Czech citizen earns on average per month and will be given to both applicants who have managed to acquire the award. The scholarship would last for 2 years at the start, and after you have completed them successfully, you will be evaluated further to determine your status for next 2 years before handing further award.
  • A number of awards up for grab: With these lucrative rewards, there are 2 positions up for you to grab.
  • Where to take scholarship: It can be taken in the Czech Republic as it is offered by Masaryk University.

Eligibility criteria

Anyone who is a citizen of Czech Republic is eligible to apply for the award. The individuals who apply are required to show promising talent and strong skills in the concerned areas. They must be good with English, and the application should be submitted in it to determine your level of expertise in the language.

How to apply

If you are interested in applying, you should contact the concerned prospective supervisor. The applications that are to be submitted with supporting documents, i.e., their CV, motivation letter, and other relevant certifications are to be sent through an email.

Phd Application Link

International MBBS Scholarship awards at Hull York Medical School 2018

Studying MBBS and being a good doctor that helps people in his community might be your dream. There are a lot of people that work hard in order to achieve it. However, due to strict rules, less seats, and lack of money, their dreams suffer. But not from now onwards because if you think that you are the right candidate to study scholarship overseas and has a strong study record in the past, you might want to give a try to the Hull York Medical School International MBBS Scholarships 2018.

International MBBS Scholarship awards at Hull York Medical School 2018

International MBBS Scholarship awards at Hull York Medical School 2018

The Hull York School has been operating in England since 2003 and has a good reputation in teaching circles. It provides overseas students to earn a 25% scholarship for the first two years of their MBBS study that they will pursue at the institute. The successful individuals, that are awarded the scholarship, would get a 25% discount on the starting 2 years of their MBBS course. It is to encourage individuals to come and study at the Hull York Medical School and to make quality education accessible for people all over the globe.

Scholarship Description

The details of scholarship are as follow:

  • Last date of submission for application: 30th April 2018
  • Level of study: Anyone who is willing to undertake MBBS studies
  • Subject of interest: As the scholarships are for MBBS students so the subject of interest must be related to medical field.
  • Amount of scholarship: People will be awarded 25% exclusion as scholarship for the first two years of tuition fee that they will be paying to pursue MBBS at Hull York Medical School.
  • Number of scholarships: One award is given per year by the institute on the basis of merit as well as considering the financial needs of the individual.
  • Where to take scholarship: The scholarships are awarded by Hull York Medical School and must be taken there.
  • Who can enroll: Anyone who can be labelled as an international student can be a part of this program.

Who is eligible for scholarship?

The scholarship award is available for all the international medical students who are looking forward to study MBBS in England. In order to enroll for the award and submit a successful application, you should show the offer from the institute where you are welcomed to study at the concerned institute.

If you are selected, you will receive a 25% discount for first 2 years’ study of your MBBS program (tuition fee only). To be successful, you need to note that it is handed over on the basis of financial requirements of the student as well as merit considering his academic performance. Along with the application, you should provide a personal statement stating why you think it is you who should be granted the award.

Apart from all above, the candidate is required to possess strong English language skills and application must be crafted in English.

How to apply?

If you satisfy all the requirements, you can apply for the program by below link:

International MBBS Scholarship awards at Hull York Medical School Scholarship Link

Top 5 high school scholarships USA 2018 2019

If you are looking for ways other than grants and loans to make up for your high school fee than you may want to look at the private scholarships. There are a number of such opportunities available to you, and here we are going to list the top 5 high school scholarships.









Voice of Democracy scholarship competition

If you think that you can write and record a fantastic essay on the theme of patriotism, then you are up for the challenge. The subject is given to the competitors, and mostly it is a patriotic topic. Winner gets hefty prize money of $30,000 and enjoys a trip to Washington DC without spending a single penny from his pocket. In total, the amount of $154,000 is granted on an annual basis. Students from grades 9 to 12 can take part in it.

The Fountainhead essay contest

If you think that you have writing skills but the above is just not your pick then you may like to think about the Fountainhead Essay content. You will be given a topic which is related to The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand, and the winner gets $10,000. Apart from that, if you manage to be in the runners-up list, you are still up for a decent price. In total, the amount of $43,750 is spent by the authorities. Students from grades 11 and 12 can take part in this contest.

Create-a-getting card scholarship A.K.A gallery collection scholarship

Let’s leave writing aside for a moment and bring up something for creative individuals that have more of an artistic mind. If you think that you can come up with the astonishing design, then we suggest you to start crafting the front of a greeting card. It can be submitted as a photo, an artwork, or computer graphic. The winner gets a cash prize of $10,000 while his institute receives an award of $1000.

Coca-Cola Scholars Program

For the people that are overall dominant in academic, extracurricular, leadership, and community activities, this one is a perfect chance to avail a reasonable amount. Coca-Cola takes all the things above into the account and judges an individual based on their criteria. They give out 150 scholarships each of $20,000 on an annual basis. Any high school senior is welcome to take part in it.

Horatio Alger Scholarship Award

There are times when you come up with your head high in the toughest of situations. Horatio Alger scholarship is aimed at people that ‘need’ a scholarship and have a gross family income of $55,000 or below. Around 106 scholarships are given out each of $25,000 at the national level.

Nurture Merit Cum Means Scholarships in India, 2018

If you are in India and want to pursue your graduation and has the required skills and knowledge but suffer from lack of resources, then you must not worry. The Vodafone India Foundation is working hard to ensure that quality education is in the reach of all Indian nationals and for those of you that rightfully belong to the top-notch universities in the country but do not have enough capital to take part in studies they have initiated a program. They are inviting people to apply for the Nurture Merit Cum Means Scholarships that will be granted to the individuals that want to pursue graduation and have good grades supporting their interest in the study but do not have enough resources to carry forward their learning.

Nurture Merit Cum Means Scholarships in India, 2018

Nurture Merit Cum Means Scholarships in India 2018

The following is initial information, a summary of the scholarship program under which your applications will be processed.

  • Application Deadline: 26th March 2018
  • Level of Study: The scholarship will be granted to individuals that want to pursue their graduate studies.
  • The subject of study: Anyone who is studying in a recognized university for the program offered will be eligible to apply for the scholarship.
  • Scholarship Amount: A total of 20K Indian Rupees will be provided per student by the authorities.
  • A number of awards: There are 10 awards in total for students and regardless of who is chosen the individual will get a 20K INR as scholarship amount.
  • Where it can be taken: The scholarship is available for Indian citizens that are pursuing graduation in any recognized institute in India.

Eligibility criteria

Before you apply for the scholarships, it is good to make sure that you are eligible for it. There are certain conditions that one has to satisfy. These include:

  • The applicant should be an Indian citizen.
  • One should be a good student that is undertaking graduate studies in a recognized institute.
  • The individual should possess a good academic record with at least 75% marks in last exams in order to qualify for the scholarship.
  • The complete income of family per annum from all resources should not be more than 2 lac. If the annual income of the family is above 2 lacs, then he or she would be disqualified.
  • A good command over the English language is desired and to testify that the application you will be writing must be submitted in English.

Required Documents

There are three major document requirements from the scholarship granters. These include:

  • A certificate of family income to ensure that the annual income is below 2 lac.
  • Result card or marksheets for last qualified exams showing that the candidate has scored over 75% marks.
  • A proof of identity.

Applying for scholarship

In order to apply for a scholarship, you can visit the official website. You are required to register first and then log in to submit an application. Fill the online form and upload required documents. Submit the application for evaluation and wait for the call. Do note that the providers can make a change in scholarships anytime.


MSc Medical at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine: Mansfield Aders and Avebury Memorial Fund

If you are among the individuals that are looking forward to pursuing studying and doing masters in the field of medical, then this scholarship might be helpful for you. It is the Mansfield Aders and Avebury Memorial Fund that will pay for your studies in the Department of Medical Parasitology or the field of Medical Entomology for Disease Control at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. It is available for the citizens of UK, and Europe and anyone who is a citizen from any of these places and wants to apply can submit his or her application.

The scholarship is a combination of two different funds. First, it is the Mansfield Aders Scholarship while the other is the Avebury Memorial Fund. Combines, it is known as the Mansfield Aders and Avebury Memorial Fund that pays for your tuition fee. It is after Dr. Walter Mansfield Aders. He was serving in the Government of Zanzibar as an Economic Biologist. His death was marked in the year 1934.

MSc Medical at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine: Mansfield Aders and Avebury Memorial Fund








Located at the Keppel Street, London, the LSHTM is a university and well known public research facility. It is recognized for the services in the health department and tropical medicine.

Mansfield Aders and Avebury Memorial Fund Scholarship Description

  • Last date for application: 1st May 2018
  • Level of study: One can enroll in Master’s Program with this scholarship.
  • The subject of Interest: The students are given the scholarship to pursue studies in Medical Parasitology, or you may apply for Medical Entomology for Disease Control.
  • Award details: A complete scholarship that covers your tuition fee and is up for full-time study.
  • How many scholarships are up for grab: The number of scholarships available is not defined.
  • Who can take it: Anyone who is a citizen of UK or EU can benefit from it.
  • Where to take it: It is available to you in the UK at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

Eligibility Criteria

In order to be eligible for the scholarship, first you must satisfy following:

  • One should be a permanent resident or citizen of UK or EU.
  • You need to have an offer of admission from the LSHTM. Only then you can apply for the scholarship and would be assessed regarding the selection criteria before the award is granted to you.
  • One should show a decent command over the English language. For that, the application to get scholarship needs to be written in English, and it will prove how good you are considering the language.

Applying for the award

For those of you that want to apply for this scholarship, first, you need to acquire an offer from the Institute in order to be eligible for applying. It has to be from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and should be from either the Department of Medical Parasitology or from Medical Entomology for Disease Control for Masters. Open the link given below to send an application. Make sure that all the documentation is complete. Else, you will be considered ineligible because of incomplete documentation.

Apply For Mansfield Aders and Avebury Memorial Fund for Hygiene and Tropical Medicine


Best Australian Ph.D. scholarships 2018 2019

University of Sydney International scholarships

This scholarship is also known as USydIS and is available for masters as well as Ph.D. studies in Australia. This is an international research scholarship for taking research projects to improve the research activities in the university.


The international students of this university can apply or the students with the maximum course candidature of six months. The student should conduct resea5rch in the emerging or current research areas specified by the university. For Ph.D., the equivalent to the Australian Doctoral degree research must be possessed by the student. Also, the student had not received any RTP scholarship.

RTP scholarships

This is Australian Research training program that provides calendar year base block grants to the overseas as well as domestic students. This scholarship is available for higher degrees of research that are masters or doctoral programs.


This scholarship is offered for all the programs that are offered by the participating universities of Australia. The students who are eligible for RTP allowance, stipend and fees offset can apply for this scholarship. The student should be domestic or any foreign student with enrollment in the accredited university. The details of criteria are mentioned in the Commonwealth guidelines for scholarships of 2017.

Australian Phd Scholarships
Top PHD scholarships in Australia

Melbourne Human right scholarship

This scholarship is awarded by the University of Melbourne and the student doing research in the field of human rights can take this scholarship. This scholarship is awarded to 2 students in a year.


The requirements for doctoral program must be passed by the student applying for this scholarship. The students already enrolled in the research degree and having 12 months of their study remaining are entitled to apply for this scholarship. The enrollment of student should be in full time and the student must not be receiving any human right scholarship.

Australian government research training program University of Flinders

This research scholarship is for the student to take higher education at Flinders University. This is a full-time study scholarship for overseas students.


The entry requirements of the university must be fulfilled for the doctoral or masters program. The honors degree in Australia must be completed in first class. The English proficiency of student should be good at application time. English language competence should be passed by the students who have English as a foreign language. Also, Australian residents are not allowed to apply for this scholarship. The student should also see the conditions for the award of scholarship before applying for it.

Adelaide scholarships international

This is ASI scholarship that is for overseas students with the excellent academic record. The students will provide support the university in research efforts.


The honors degree from Australia or Equivalent must be done by the applicant before this program. The award of the scholarship depends on research potential and academic merit. The students must provide the proof of their English proficiency before the closing date otherwise the scholarship will not be awarded. Only international students can apply for this and they must maintain their standard of being an intention student during the study period.

Top 10 Scholarships in USA For Graduate & Undergraduate

Each year, thousands of students in United States increases as more and a huge number of students prefer the U.S as the corner or location they desired to expand their experience and persist with their education. Actually, currently U.S is amongst the most well-known and suitable countries for the international students.

Top Scholarships in USA
10 Scholarships in USA

There are a number of reasons that make U.S the best place for International students and those who go under any educational scholarships programs must know that the institutes in U.S are best in terms of Academic Excellence and they better provide their students the opportunities for their research and observance, also they have some kind of flexibility of certain programmes. Following are some scholarship programmes started by the high schools of United States for Students all around the world.

Fellowship Programme of Hubert Humphrey

This Program grants scholarship for academic study for the time span of ten months and the program is related efficient and professional knowledge and training in the United States. The Humphrey Fellows are elected based on the student’s potential for a good leadership and also their obligation and pledge to public duty. This program further promotes a shared swap of knowledge and perceptions about various issues that are of common interest in the United States.

Scholarships for Students by Columbia College

This college grants or offers around twenty scholarships and academic awards to the superior and excellent international students. These academic awards are onetime money grants or a greater percentage of tuition cutback.

Scholarships for International Students at Clark University

Clark University has an abiding obligation and assurance of providing a demanding education with a worldwide or International focus. The outstanding candidates would be the applicants for the first year for the University who have the manifested potential to grant a good leadership to their community in future and the world.

Scholarships open at Illinois Wesleyan University

This university promotes and grants the scholarships for International students that are merit based and students are selected on their merit.

Scholarships at New York Wagner University

This university too grants the merit based scholarships to a very limited number students.  These scholarships are limited to full tuition or education cost scholarships varying from 20 to 40%.

Scholarships at Amherst College

Once the economic or financial requirement is concluded, a financial assistance award which is equivalent to the requirements of the student that would be offered. This award works as the aid package for the students as it includes the working for living and scholarships. Basically the Students with minor financial requirement or need would be granted or offered with self-help by the university.

Scholarships at American University

Merit awards of this university for the students all around world or the International students are not full, basically they are partial scholarships. They are very competitive and is based on a blend of excellent academic accomplishment, best skills of communication in English language, leadership, and community duties

Merit based Scholarships at Iowa State University

This International program for Scholarship for International students is merit scholarship that is awarded to versatile and well-deserved students who have displayed or shown an excellent academic achievement, and superior achievements in many subjects such as science, arts, math, and also the extracurricular exercise, community service, a sense of entrepreneurship and leadership.

Scholarships for International Students at Michigan State University

This university offers a partial or very limited number of grants to the commendable and worthy international students for undergraduate and the category of postgraduate level.

EY Scholarship for Angolan Nationals to Study MBA at Said Business School, UK 2018

For the Angolan citizens that look forward to studying MBA at top-notch institutes like the University of Oxford, it is time to fulfill the dreams. Yes! You now have the opportunity to apply for a scholarship to study MBA at the Said Business School at the University of Oxford. The scholarship is offered exclusively to the citizens of Angola for MBA program, and it comes under the EY scholarships. There are three different variations of policies under which you can study. It is available to you as a full-time, part-time, or executive education based study.

For those individuals that seek to study business, management, and finance at the University of Oxford, the Said Business School has been providing the opportunity for a while now. It is a well recognized and highly reputable institute which is respected all over the globe not only because of the fact that it comes directly under the observation of the University of Oxford but also due to the quality of education it provides.

EY Scholarship for Angolan Nationals to Study MBA at Said Business School

  • Last date of application submission: 22nd October 2018
  • Level of study: Scholarships are granted to individuals that want to study either full-time, part-time, or under executive education rules.
  • Subject of interest: The subjects offered by the Said Business School are covered in this scholarship program.
  • Scholarship award: Upon approval for your MBA program, you will get complete tuition fee covered. Along with it, there is a living expense coverage and a round trip to Angola (from Angola to the UK at the start of the course and then from the UK to Angola upon finishing it).
  • How many scholarships: The number of awards is not defined by the authorities.
  • Who can benefit from it: Anyone who is a citizen of Angola and wants to pursue study in business, management, or finance field can take help from this sponsorship.
  • Where to benefit: You will be able to carry forward your studies at the Said Business School in the UK.

Eligibility criteria for MBA Scholarship

For those of you that wish to apply for the EY scholarship, there are certain requirements that must be met. These include:

  • The applicant should be a citizen of Angola. Anyone who is not an Angolan citizen would not be able to benefit from this program.
  • It is for ordinarily residents of Angola that are willing to study in the UK. You can either join a full-time program, part-time classes or may go for the executive education program. The process of application will vary according to the program you choose along with the requirements.
  • A good command of English language is desired. The application you are going to submit must be crafted in English.

Application Procedure for MBA at Said Business School EY Scholarship 2018

The individuals that are looking to apply should have a decent application. It must address the Diploma program and necessary stuff. A scholarship essay is also desired by the authorities and should be submitted along with the application. Everyone should apply before the deadline which is Monday, 22nd Oct 2018 so that their application is processed and they are considered.

Application Link

Scholarship Details


More MBA Scholarships, Click on Image Below:

Top MBA Scholarships for Uk
Top MBA Scholarships for Uk

Australia Awards Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships

Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships is a program started by the government of Australia in order to promote education. It is an opportunity given to the citizens of Australia as well as individuals all over the globe. For Australians, it is a chance to go abroad and study in their relevant fields whereas for foreign individuals it gives an opportunity to come up and study in Australia.

Australia Awards Endeavour Scholarships Description

  • Eligibility: Check eligibility section below.
  • Country: Most of Americas, Asia, The Caribbean, Europe, Middle East, and Pacific.
  • Scholarship Amount: Not defined (may include tuition fee, travelling and settling allowance, accommodation, and monthly expenditures).
  • Language requirements: TOEFL / IELTS / CAE / PTE / Transcript
  • A number of awards: Undefined.
  • Subject: Postgraduate, Ph.D., professional development, and VET programs.
  • Deadline: Not announced yet. May open soon!

The scholarship provides opportunities for individuals that want to undertake postgraduate, post doctoral, professional and VET studies. It provides you a financial allowance that may include accommodation, tuition fee, travelling expenses, and even monthly expenditures.

Who is Eligible for Australia Awards Endeavour Scholarships ?

There are certain restrictions for people that are willing to apply. These include:

  • The applicant should be 18 or more years old.
  • He or she must be a citizen or permanent resident for the country that he names on his application, and it should be a participant in the program.
  • Program’s commencement must be between 1st January and 30th November 2018.
  • Must neither hold nor be among the individuals that have completed any scholarship or fellowship that comes under the observation of Australian Government since 1st January 2016.
  • One is prohibited from applying for a field for which he already had taken an Endeavour scholarship or fellowship.

Selection criteria of Australia Awards Endeavour Scholarships 

The individuals that apply are selected on a certain basis. There is a particular criterion following which the scholarship or fellowship is granted. These include:

  • The high-level academic achievement record along with your work experience in the field of study in which you are applying. It holds a 40% weight.
  • People that take part in a recognized development program or the ones that can show proper research in the field can have an edge of as much as 20%.
  • The applicant is required to give a statement about how this international study or program that he is going to undertake will help him in his academic and professional life. It also holds 20% weight.
  • And lastly, 20% weight for the statement that you give about how the program you are applying for will benefit the country in question and your host country giving that you have the scholarship and complete the course or training successfully.

How to Apply for Australia Awards Endeavour Scholarships 2018

In order to apply, you need first to make sure that you are eligible. There might be a few questions that pop up in your mind so taking a look at would be helpful. Make sure that you read about TOC and satisfy all the requirements. As the application procedure starts, you can register online at and proceed with the application process.


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