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International MBBS Scholarship awards at Hull York Medical School 2018

Studying MBBS and being a good doctor that helps people in his community might be your dream. There are a lot of people that work hard in order to achieve it. However, due to strict rules, less seats, and lack of money, their dreams suffer. But not from now onwards because if you think that you are the right candidate to study scholarship overseas and has a strong study record in the past, you might want to give a try to the Hull York Medical School International MBBS Scholarships 2018.

International MBBS Scholarship awards at Hull York Medical School 2018

International MBBS Scholarship awards at Hull York Medical School 2018

The Hull York School has been operating in England since 2003 and has a good reputation in teaching circles. It provides overseas students to earn a 25% scholarship for the first two years of their MBBS study that they will pursue at the institute. The successful individuals, that are awarded the scholarship, would get a 25% discount on the starting 2 years of their MBBS course. It is to encourage individuals to come and study at the Hull York Medical School and to make quality education accessible for people all over the globe.

Scholarship Description

The details of scholarship are as follow:

  • Last date of submission for application: 30th April 2018
  • Level of study: Anyone who is willing to undertake MBBS studies
  • Subject of interest: As the scholarships are for MBBS students so the subject of interest must be related to medical field.
  • Amount of scholarship: People will be awarded 25% exclusion as scholarship for the first two years of tuition fee that they will be paying to pursue MBBS at Hull York Medical School.
  • Number of scholarships: One award is given per year by the institute on the basis of merit as well as considering the financial needs of the individual.
  • Where to take scholarship: The scholarships are awarded by Hull York Medical School and must be taken there.
  • Who can enroll: Anyone who can be labelled as an international student can be a part of this program.

Who is eligible for scholarship?

The scholarship award is available for all the international medical students who are looking forward to study MBBS in England. In order to enroll for the award and submit a successful application, you should show the offer from the institute where you are welcomed to study at the concerned institute.

If you are selected, you will receive a 25% discount for first 2 years’ study of your MBBS program (tuition fee only). To be successful, you need to note that it is handed over on the basis of financial requirements of the student as well as merit considering his academic performance. Along with the application, you should provide a personal statement stating why you think it is you who should be granted the award.

Apart from all above, the candidate is required to possess strong English language skills and application must be crafted in English.

How to apply?

If you satisfy all the requirements, you can apply for the program by below link:

International MBBS Scholarship awards at Hull York Medical School Scholarship Link

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