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Funding for International Students in UK: Sussex Excellence Award
Funding for International Students in UK by Sussex Excellence of USA Award

Sussex Excellence Award forInternational Students Funding in UK

Students who are willing to pursue a degree level program in UK can benefit from the Sussex Excellence award provided by the University of Sussex to international students. The bursary is there to assist individuals financially and allow them to pursue graduate program from one of the best institutes and build a great career in the field of their choice. The university is ranked at 39th number in UK while it is placed at 49th spot in the list of best universities for Business and Law studies all over the globe.

Scholarship details

  • Deadline for application: 1st September, 2020
  • Who should apply: The scholarship is open for international students
  • Subjects to study: You can enroll in any course offered to you at the University of Sussex
  • Level of study: Undergraduate course
  • Award: 2000 pounds in cash as maintenance for the first year of study (you will receive payment of 1000 pounds in November 2020 and March 2021).
  • Number of awards: Unknown
  • Where to take scholarship: University of Sussex

Who is eligible?

In order to be eligible for scholarship you should meet the following criteria:

  • Who can apply: International students who are willing to study in UK
  • Subject of study: Undergraduate programs offered at the University of Sussex
  • Not eligible: If you are among the individuals that are repeating the first year of degree and have previously received an excellence grant, then you cannot apply for the scholarship

How to apply?

First, you should enroll yourself in an undergraduate program at the University of Sussex. Students who register themselves in a course are automatically added to list of eligible students for funding. Then, you need supporting documents such as your academic transcripts, CV, and details/copy of your passport.

To enroll in a course, one A* and two As are required for A level students. Individuals that have done International Baccalaureate Diploma or BTEC should have an overall score of 36 and level 3 extended diploma (QCF) respectively. If you have completed the Access to HE Diploma, 45 level 3 credits are demanded.

Along with that, you are required to show proficiency in English language via TOEFL and IELTS and ability to learn the course at the university.


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