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AAUW International Fellowships

AAUW International Fellowships in USA for Women

The American Association of University of Women, AAUW, is awarding international fellowships to females in US that are not a citizen of United States. It is for a full time study or research for which the women that are not a permanent resident of US can apply. The postgraduate program and graduate program are also accredited and supported.

AAUW International Fellowships

Basic details

  • Organization name: American Association of University of Women
  • University name: Any institute in US that is recognized and accredited
  • Study level: Graduate and postgraduate, Masters, PhD, Postdoctoral
  • Course: Any graduate or postgraduate course in a recognized university across US
  • Number of awards: Unknown
  • Study Country: USA
  • Deadline: 15 Nov 2018

Host institution

Any university of institute throughout the United States.

Field and level of study

Any field in which you wish to pursue your graduate or postgraduate studies or even Masters, First Professional, PhD, and Postdoctoral programs.


The women that are not US citizens or the ones who are not permanent residents of united states. The ladies that who commitment regarding advancement of women and girls and practically implement it and manage to show their work in the community or professional level for women are preferred.

Scholarship value

The value of scholarship depends on the course that you are taking and what is the level of that particular study. Ladies that are doing Master’s or Professional fellowship are awarded $18000. In case that you opt for the Doctorate fellowship, the grant given is $20,000. The highest award is for the ones who pursue Postdoctoral studies as the fellowship for postdoctoral studies is $30,000.


There is a particular eligibility criteria that you should satisfy in order to be a part of this program.

Firstly, you should hold a citizenship of country other than US. Ladies that possess non-immigrant visa are also eligible to apply. Ladies that may receive a US citizenship during study or have a dual citizenship with another country should not apply.

Moreover, you should hold an academic degree given in either US or from any institution abroad which is equivalent to bachelor’s or master’s degree and should be completed by 15th Nov 2018. It is a full time study scholarship so you won’t be able to do any work along. Moreover, your intention should be to return to your homeland and pursue a professional career there. The student should show decent English skills and recent ETS, TOEFL, or document of a relevant English course should be uploaded.

Application instructions

You are required to submit documents online and that is where you complete application process. The deadline is 15th Nov 2018.


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